Keep your N download

Handy if your version gets corrupted

I have had some problems with N.
Often when I went to open the program after not using it for a while it would reload itself when I clicked on the icon.
Yesterday when I mixed down a recording and played back the file it was about 4x the speed it was recorded at. Whatever I tried it was the same.
I had cleaned out some files and was about to dump my original N-V.5 download which was siting in the recycle bin.
I reloaded it again and now all is going perfectly so I have kept the download file so I have the correct version if needed again.

Hi One-way:

I created an n-Track folder in My Documents…
In there I have a download folder for all the versions-and-builds that Flavio has posted.
It’s a bit of overkill but I can install-and-reload just about any build of n-Track that he built…
It takes quite a bit of drive space to store them…
Every so often I write the folders to a DVD as a backup… but I have them here and available.


Yes that sounds like a sensible idea to write them to DVD. Then you know you have the right version without hunting for it online.