Kontakt 5 8 out in nt9

In nt6 I could use the Kontakt 5 with 8 outputs into the daw. Every instrument in kontakt had a single stereo track in the nt6 mixer.

Now in nt9 I can only see the master stereo output from the kontakt multi-output plugin, but i can’t see the individual instrument output. So I cannot set volume, pan and effect for each instrument loaded into kontakt.

Any suggestion?

Hi Sandro,

to use a multi-output plug-in, please add it as an Instrument channel from Add Channel->Add new Instrument channels. Be sure that the Instrument channels are visible in the main window (if no, show them from the popup menu that appears clicking on the button in the screenshot below).

Once the instrument channel has been created, click on the little button you see in the screenshot below to show all the output channels of the plug-ins


Yes! Thank you very much!