KORG nanoKontrol2 - iOS

I watched your video ‘n-Track Studio for Android with Korg Nanokontrol2’.
Can you advise me how to setup Korg Nanokontrol2 in n-Track Studio on iPad iOS?
I am using n-Track Studio 9 and iOS 12.

PS. I see a dialogue when I open n-Track but it disappears quickly. Can you tell me how to also configure via settings?

I’m pretty sure that in the settings panel you go to the MIDI faders and sync settings and from there inside of that menu you can choose from a few presets. I’m not sure if the korg is already in there I know that mackie is as well as Behringer and I think t ascam. If no korg in that menu you can simply use the midi learn option and assign the commands yourself. There’s a list of commands right there in that menu and all you have to do is click on one and then hit the midi learn button and per your choice assign which button from your nanokontrol you want to operate what function inside your DAW. Just remember to save it before you exit that menu otherwise you might have to remap it again which isn’t a big problem simply waste time and it’s frustrating whenever you’re not looking to do that