Kyoto global warming pact is in effect

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And Mike, responding to your edit, I don't wish to be drawn into the argument whether Kerry would've been a better president than Bush, but I think the changes that need to be made, to make the USA into a better neighbour, need a cultural change, and not a pre-emptive strike on the White House.



Ali-man...I knew I liked you for some reason! :D

The problem is, WE (The USA) ain't got the GUTS to make the sacrifices and HARD decisions needed to make a REAL change in the world.

Go ahead, appoint me Dictator of the USA. I'll fix it. But I can garauntee you all are gonna be PISSED at me! :D

IF you want, I'll outline my plan for you? ???


One thing that many seem to miss in this discussion, is that “Global Warming” doesn’t necessarily mean “Your neighborhood”, that’s why it’s referred to as “Global”. Let’s face it, Minnesota has always been fsckin’ cold - I’ve been there - it’s cold. Anyone who lives there is either well protected by a layer of fat, drinks a lot, or leaves (AFAIK).

Global warming is easy to see when the Antarctic continent is breaking up and dropping Minnesota sized chunks of ice into the ocean - where it cycles to the north into warmer water and melts…

Do you live near a large body of water?? Does your studio work well with 6 inches of water on the floor? I know mine doesn’t - been there, done that - it sucked. I live about 1 mile from the banks of the Columbia river, which during the rainy season can flood. With more water on the planet is likely to do so more often.

Let’s just say, that if 50% of the polar ice caps melted, the US capitol would be Denver…mmmmkay?

Either way, I’m being a hypocrite, because I’m the first to jump into the car to drive to work (11 miles), because I’m a lazy slob who doesn’t want to wake up a 5:00AM and take public transportation.

I think the lesson here really is sustainability, can we continue to overpopulate, overconsume and over indulge this way…I guess the answer would be yes, at least for a while, but it can’t continue forever, and we need to be thinking about the future, not just today…

Dismounts high horse and puts away soap box :D


If we could only bottle global warming and sell it, wait a sec, dang it, oil companies beat me to it.

Does anyone remember Moody and his carburator that got like 60 or 70 miles to a gal out of a Chevy Citation? Which oil company bought the patent to that? All I’m saying if you go alternative power like solar, then BP will own the sun. You’ll have to take out corporate greed before you’ll change anything guys.

(Yaz leaves topic driving his truck to next thread):stuck_out_tongue:

True Yaz, too true, greed is ultimately the destructive force here.

I do remember the Popular Mechanics article about the carb design. There was another guy in the 80’s who redesigned the automatic transmission into a hydraulic pump and two hydraulic motors driving the wheels that improved gas mileage also. Strange that it never caught on.

Worse yet, we have The Shrublet who gave Detroit the go ahead to ditch improvements in gas mileage, and hack any ecological programs to death. But then again, he’s one of those evangelicals who believe the end of the world is at hand, he’s just trying to help out…???


Yeah and if sh-t was worth money I would have been born without a butthole.

But then how would I wipe my azz after reading these threads?

Always a hoot guys!


That’s why they keep stripping the rain forests. We need all that wood to make toilet paper. If folks would use just one sheet per sheet then the world would be a much better place.

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That's why they keep stripping the rain forests. We need all that wood to make toilet paper. If folks would use just one sheet per sheet then the world would be a much better place.

Or just do like we southern folk. Use corn cobs! They ain't good for nuttin' else!


PS For all you non-southerners....that's just a joke OK? :p

PSS It's a real shame about the Sears and Roebuck catalog though. That fancy, new fangled glossy paper just smears s#$t around. Worthless...........

No Ali. Cobs, husks, whatevers handy.

Never actually tried it myself…sounds kinda painful. I’ll keep chopping down the rainforest thank you.


Corn cob toiletries. A southern tradition.

Now ya know why people from the south always have a case of the ass.:stuck_out_tongue: