Kyoto global warming pact is in effect

But guess who isn’t following it?

Climate treaty takes effect, but will it matter?.


The United States, the world’s largest emitter of such gases, has refused to ratify the agreement, saying it would harm the economy and is flawed by the lack of restrictions on emissions by emerging economies China and India.

“We have been calling on the United States to join. But the country that is the world’s biggest emitter has not joined yet, and that is regrettable,” Japan’s top government spokesman, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroyuki Hosoda, told reporters.

The United States accounts for almost a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Kyoto targets vary by region: The European Union is committed to cutting emissions to 8 percent below 1990 levels by 2012; in the United States, the Clinton administration agreed to a 7 percent reduction but President Bush withdrew from the pact in 2001.

Kerry would have supported Kyoto. There’s a difference.

Mr Soul

Straight from the TokeReport!!!

You are just the same if not worse.

Would he have though Mike?

I'm not sure of his actual position but I believe he would agree that Global Warming is occuring, sometime Bush won't do. I don't remember Clinton's stance on Kyoto?

The other ironic thing about Kyoto, G. Warming & Bush is, considering that the US releases 25% of the green house gases (I think Bush acknowledges this), wouldn't you think it would be smart just to "pre-emptively" deal with GW? I mean, if Bush is wrong, the consequences are real - right?

Do you see where I'm going with this? Isn't this the same arguement we used in Iraq, i.e., we don't want our smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud???

Mr Soul

ah…No. TokeReport. That would be Mike. He rants and rants and rants about the Drudge Report. I am comparing him to that.

Cool jets, K sweetheart?


Clark - are you having cabin fever??? :laugh:

WoW, tough crowd today!

Anyway, I think (and always have) that global warming is a bunch of BS! Does that make me, pro-Bush? Hardly!
I gets nothin’ but colder here in PA every winter, so if it could get warmer i wish it would hurry up! If I thought it would help, and gas was less expensive, I’d go start
my car right now leave run all night!


Anyway Toker report/Aol headlines= same thing Simple copy and paist daily keeps him in biz.

you guys kill me! wipe and flush!

This planet is alot stronger than all of us combined.
When it’s done with us, it will merely spit out some lava, and melt us all into barbeque!
Oh but wait, let’s all show concern for it, as if a little bit more or less monoxide is really gonna make a difference. You guys are a hoot!
And to think, a coulpe million years ago in a split second a commet hit the earth that wiped out the entire dinosaur population.
And our last 100 years of industrialization is going to do what? in comparison?
PLEASE! peope go find some real fish to fry, and stop acting like you can save the world from catastrophy, what a bunch of bleeding hearts.

LMAO once again, I will wipe and flush…



As a less literate user, I will now run down to my basement and see if I can’t retreive the part of my brain I apparently lost in that last post. It should be stuck somewhere between the septic tank and the toilet!



As I step out into the balmy 5 degree fahrenheit beauty of Minneapolis, I can do nothing more than HOPE the earth is warming…

Ali, you da best! :wink:

Anyway Toker report/Aol headlines= same thing Simple copy and paist
Hey Jerem - give me a little credit. I don't copy/paste just any old thing. I'm like a left-wing Drudge.

Mr Soul


I wasn’t goin’ there Mike, but heh there do seem to be simularities sometimes!

keep shinin’


Quote (nergle @ Feb. 17 2005,16:38)
So, sad to say, for us up here in the north, (especially Scotland and Minneapolis), global warming may result in colder temperatures. :(


For some reason that seem like a contradiction.
Is that anything like Micheal jacksons Bad=cool=bad again?
If this is the case then all the worrying is mute.
I guess my less literate self is just confused once again.

Always enlightening Ali,
And thanks once again for help out us less gifted individuals. tee hee