Lag!!!!!!! Help

Recording Lag

Hi. I’m using N-track studio version 5.0.2 build 2193
Anyway, I record one track.
When I try and add the next track it’s a few seconds off.
Any suggestions? My brain is hurting over this. :(

What soundcard?

Sorry. It’s a sound blaster live! 24-bit

Try recording at 48k instead of 44.1. SB’s do a nasty resampling thang that can lead to sync issues. Just remember to convert to 16/44.1 to burn your opus to CD.


My sampling frequency is 48000.

I use an SBLive (16-bit), and I had FITS with this sort of thing until I started using the KX ASIO driver.

KX Project Website

Now all is good - no (noticable) lags.

I will warn you if you’ve never used it there is a learning curve, and it’s very intimidating at first. Read some of the tutorials. Once you get the hang of it, it is very flexible.

Try unticking both “Use system timer for…” options in Preferences and then record a couple of new tracks as a test.

Unticking the system timer made it worse.

Any other suggestions please? I shouldn’t have to install a driver to fix this problem. At least I hope not!

Try unchecking “Keep devices open” in the Advanced section of your audio device settings in n-track’s Preferences.

…also, please confirm that you have no plugins running when your are recording…


I shouldn’t have to install a driver to fix this problem.

Many times that’s the only way to fix the problem.

Make sure you you have the very latest Creative drivers or better the KX drivers already suggested. Creative drivers, especially some older ones are notoriously tricky.

Keep in mind that it may not be the AUDIO drivers, but could be related to video drivers as well.

See if it happens when starting recording at the very beginning of the song then again when starting recording somewhere later in the song. I have a feeling it’s related to “keep devices open” as well. Some Creative cards have a 50 ms or more lag per buffer (it pretty much locks the whole PCI buss - more than one bugger and it can add up) when creating hardware buffers. If the devices are not kept open then there can be some lag at the time of buffer creation and that can throw off sync. I find it very ironic that creating a hardware buffer on a soundcard can cause glitching of current audio playback, but that’s another side effect of these particular Creative cards. (I have one at work that is a wonder example).

Make sure audio acceleration is all the way up.

This could be happening because the hard drive isn’t keeping up, so none if the suggestions will totally solve it if that’s the case. There’s other stuff to explore if all this fails.

The SB live! drivers were not made with multitrack recording in mind. KX project drivers were designed for this purpose. Folks are giving you good advice here. Install the KX drivers – they really make a difference, and it only takes a minute (and they are free). You will have endless problems unless you do.


The answer to my problem was deselecting Keep Audio Devices Open.