Lag issue with Guitar Port, I think...

Guitar Port issue?

I am recording a fast punk song (250 bpm) and I have a ever-growing lag with the vocal track against two other tracks. I use Guitar Port, which I never had any lag problems with until I started on this fast tune. Guitar Port is at 24-bit, Asio, 256 buffer, with next to lowest direct tone buffer settting. I do not use live input processing in n-Track. I have a brand new super fast PC. I use Art Tube MP Studio as a mic pre-amp. I record and monitor with headphones only. I gather this is a sound card issue, or is it? Maybe someone else has some ideas. Singing this punk song over and over again is killing me!


What soundcard do you use on your vocals, etc.? If you use a soundblaster card, you should be recording at a 48K sample rate, rather than the standard 41. It’s a wierdness with the way SB cards are designed. If your guitars are already recorded in 41K, you’d need to convert the two tracks to 48K before recording your vocals. Otherwise, if you record your vocals in 41K, they’ll be recorded with a lag.


guitar port doesnt use a soundcard so that can’t be the problem.

Guitar Port is a soundcard. that’s the point. The vocals are being recorded through a different soundcard than the guitar (unless jimothy is recording his vocals through guitarport, which would be… uhh… stupid? No, not stupid categorically speaking. Unusual perhaps). Anyway, assuming the guitar and vocals are going through different soundcards (the guitar through guitarport, the vocals through whatever else), then the lag issue is quite possibly an issue with the different soundcards. Sampling rate difference is a very common problem when recording through different soundcards. Especially if one of them is SB and one is not.


Thanks…and I’ve been called worse Fishie! I run the mic into an ART Tube MP Preamp into Guitar Port, which is my dedicated 24-bit sound card, the onboard one is crap. All is recorded at 44100 end to end. Dozens and dozens of tunes have been great, except the punk tune I did for my daughter at the speed of light +250 bpm. The workaround was to do the vocal, one track per verse. LOL! It’s done. Probably never ever will do a tune at +250 bpm anyway. The Line 6 kids said to use ASIO4All. I tried but couldn’t configure it with Guitar Port, due to lack of patience. If I have the problem again I will see about using ASIO4All.

Anyway, thanks everyone.

The tempo of the song should be irrelevant, but my oversimplification doesn’t take into account setting the tempo in n-Tracks. Perhaps having such a fast tempo is interfering since n-Tracks much do the metronome, and gosh-knows what-else faster.

Is timeline scrolling turned on or any other realtime display update bells and whistles? How zoomed in are you on the timeline? The faster the window needs to be updated the more chance the issue is with screen refresh, or something along those lines.

Just some food for thought.

I understand the desire for 24 bit, but if you are using a pre-amp, is the soundcard itself really going to affect the sound all that much, other than the 24 bit issue? If if one track is recorded using the 16 bit built-in soundcard, is everything going to sound like crap, if you are using the line-in? ???

Anyway, I wish I knew why it’s doing that… wierd.