lag time before playback

a slight delay before playback starts

Is there anyway to speed up the response time of ntrack when you hit the spacebar to begin timeline playback?

It’s about a half-second lag. No huge deal, but I don’t have this in other audio apps I use, and thus, it becomes noticeable to me and while short of being irritating, it makes me feel as though ntrack is less “worthy.”

Not unusual. I think this is the time it takes for the playback buffers to load. Try reducing the buffer settings and see if it goes away (of course, this can cause other, non-serious, problems if your computer can’t handle the smaller buffers.

hmmm, ntrack must manage the buffering “differently” from my other audio apps…sforge, old copy of cool edit, don’t give me the same delay…i’ll try tweaking the settings.

I don’t think it’s audio buffering alone. You can test for that by changing to “very low buffering”. Note that this is a valid change even if you’re using ASIO. With ASIO, some of the buffering settings in n-Track are ignored, but other settings aren’t related to the soundcard drivers and are heeded.

Let us know what you find out!