Laptops and video cards

what video card for laptop

Until now I have used n-track to great effect using my desktop. However for space, travel etc purposes I desire to buy a laptop and I understand often you can have them custom built esp. re. the sound card. My music is generally very acoustic, some electric/acoustic, etc. I want to put my money into the sound card …thus size of screen etc is not paramount. Can anyone suggest what laptop sound card to suggest? I will likely have one input at a time though more than one would be nice if possible.

BTW: I have been using n-track since …well, I think since it first came out! Love it and want to “take it on the road.” THanks people … also…will be in Italy for one month in June 2013 … be nice to meet the man behind the “track!”

I use a Line 6 UX2 (USB) with my Laptop with good results. Perhaps some members can offer better advice on USB audio interfaces. I’m of the opinion that they’re no after market internal sound cards you can just stick in a laptop, at least I’m not aware of any myself.


The biggest problem with Laptops is that you cannot arrange the BIOS to suit you. Often the touted features interfere with sound recording. What ever you buy, arrange to test it before purchase, or obtain an assurance of return if it does not work to record. If possible look for an interface with firewire/USB. Firewire words well, but you will probably have to get an firewire Express card to have it work well - not always, but in many cases if it has firewire, it will not work with sound well. I have a MOTU with a firewire express card works well with my HP. I had the MOTU first so I took it to CompUsa and tried the setup in the store. Even then, if I am connected to the internet, it will get noise. No internet, no noise. I can record 8 tricks to it and have recorded 16 tracks using a Optical to my Digimax.
I had a Lenovo laptop that never worked properly with the same MOTU setup - and it had built in Firewire. A firewire card helped, but I could only get 8 tracks and the video would interfer with the sound. It’s a crap shot in finding a Laptop that work properly. As to other interface - I have had Tascam that worked, and several Presonus that did not.
Good luck and good recording,

to add to what bax said,

if you are going to go the firewire route look for a laptop with the TI chipset,

that’s Texas Instruments for short,

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I’m having trouble-free recording with a bog standard INSPIRON and Focusrite SAFFIRE 6 USB.

Thankyou all for the valuable information . I neglected to mention … I have been using, with my desktop … a Tube Ultragain mic 100 and an M-Audio Mobilepre USB preamp and audio interface. With the desktop I get fine results (though I profess “performance anxiety” if I change settings. How do you think these products will function with a laptop… I was particulairly taken with the person with the off the shelf Inspiron laptop as we have used them for years …

again …thankyou