Layla 20 - not working with N-track

I’ve been using my Tascam since I upgraded the computer to a Intel Quad and just decided to try the ol’ Layla 20.
My trusty Layla 20 started popping and crackling when I play back using n_track. I changed the setting in NTrack and the computer just shut down when I pressed the play button.
I don’t really know if this is the Layla, changes to the computer or the new N_Track 6.
Before I spend (waste) any time on this, I thought I would ask if anyone is using the Layla 20 and the new ver 6.

What version driver are you using on the Layla Bax?

Was this the beta nTrack6 version also? Been seeing a lot of posts with shut down problems on the beta 6.

I have an old Gina 20 card but have Vista and no drivers for it so it’s packed away in the vault of “it don’t work anymore hardware”

I’m getting all kinds of freezes and shutdowns with the new betas, over very simple tasks