Les and Mary

Kids love it :slight_smile:

Been transferring some old LPs to CD, just for the fun of it, and b/c so many of them are not available, and my son wanted to hear the one pictured above, which was OK by me. :) 1955 Capitol LP, full of multi tracking tricks, sped up guitars, Mary singing with herself, and the recording sounds fabulous. I haven’t listened to a record in so long, I keep forgetting how good they sound, and this one, well, I wish I could make records this good.

Might be that nice microphone in the picture…oh, yeah, and all that talent… :)

Anyway, here’s to “The New Sound.” :D

And a happy new year to all of you as well!

Old Lp’s do have a certain flavor Tom! It could be the great guitar used!

Happy New Year!

Any chance of a short sound-byte Tom? (I’m sure that would come under the “fair use” copyright).

Try this link to amazon - they have some short clips - try “I’m sitting on Top of the World” for some guitar funniness, “I’m a Fool to Care” to hear vocal quality, “Tennesse Waltz” for Mary Ford’s overdubbed vox…


More here - try “I Really Don’t Want to Know” - love that sound :


edit: I have to add, the clips don’t do justice to the sound of the record. It really is in part the vinyl.

And it make sense that vinyl would sound good, since it is derived from the Latin word for wine. :)

What’s CD derived from? Latin for “brittle crystaline sound”? :D

Thanks Tom, great clips.

love the vocal sound on “Fool”.

Talking of LPs (vinyl), LP (Les), and LPs (guitars), I had a little go on a friend’s son’s Les Paul last night…having been a Fender devotee for many years I now want a Les Paul. Oh well. His dad has just bought an Epiphone Dot. A mighty fine plank too.

This guy invented Multi-track recording on Vinyl tape… There were NO-Better recordings ever made then on the recordings he did on his home-made hardware… Before that audio hardware there was Full-track mono and Half-track stereo recording techniques… but never multi-track recording… I believe that it was his recorders that were the fore-runners to the Ampex 400 series of 8-track audio hardware…

If I looked for and could find my books on Recording practices that is somewhere in my library I’d find the magazine that printed the article on Les Paul and multi-track recording…

I think it was Mary Ford’s voice-and-quality that sold the idea… Well… But he was no slouch on his guitar, either… I think he used one of those Guild Copy-Cats… on his recordings… I know Chet used one of them…


XonXoff, a small suggestion, if you are serious about a Les Paul - look at the Heritage guitars. Less expensive and better quality (really, night and day) - made by the guys in Michigan who got left behind when they moved the shop to Nashville. More here:


That’s amazing Tom, I’d heard the name Heritage, but never knew anything about them.

I’ve always been a Fender man, but the best guitar I’ve ever played was an early 60’s Les Paul, one of those weird ones that looked like an SG.

If Heritage are still making axes of that quality, then I’d better start saving my nickels and dimes.

Thanks for the heads-up on that one. :)

Yep, ditto Tom. Thanks for the heads-up on Heritage guitars.


Tom, that wikipedia article is not an encyclopedia article, it’s a commercial. It reads like something straight out of a sales brochure.

I’m not saying Heritage guitars are good or bad, or that the ‘article’ is accurate or inaccurate, but I sure as heck would not rely on it as my sole source of information.

Quote (Guest @ Jan. 02 2007,16:35)
Tom, that wikipedia article is not an encyclopedia article, it's a commercial. It reads like something straight out of a sales brochure.

I'm not saying Heritage guitars are good or bad, or that the 'article' is accurate or inaccurate, but I sure as heck would not rely on it as my sole source of information.

Apparently someone agrees with you, scuz - as of 1/2 the page has been disputed for advertising. And you are correct, it does read like an ad. Still, in my opinion the Heritage guitars are well worth looking at. FYI, I don't have any connection with the company, not even a remote one, except that I live in Michigan. On the other side of the state, however. :)

How do they resolve this sort of problem?

I have played a few Heritage guitars. They are at least on a par with Gibson. Maybe even better IMO. Certainly better value for the money. Gibsons new stuff is over-priced IMO…



How do they resolve this sort of problem?

Heritage, or whoever wrote the article, has 5 days to edit it. If it’s not altered to meet Wiki’s approval, an Admin will remove it.

To meet that approval:

It must not be a vanity article.

It must verify the ‘facts’ claimed therein.

It must be presented from a neutral and balanced POV.

Florid statements like: ‘In short, EVERY guitar made by Heritage is a “Custom Shop” guitar’ are a big no -no.

It must cite references.


Who is the independent body who verifies that everyone is a master craftsman and that nothing leaves the plant without their approval?

Where is the verified comparison of the materials used by them, Gibson and PRS?

A price list would be nice comparing prices to all other guitar manufacturers.

In short, it needs to look like an encyclopedia article, and not an ad. :D

Thanks for the reality check Scuz. I’d still like to try one though. But if that really is an ad from them then that’s a big strike against them. I don’t much care for hornswagglers.

yuccchh! that was a heads-up, not an effing advert!

thanks much for bringing it up.

good on ya


Tom’s post was a heads up, and I’ve already thanked him for that.

But if you think the wikipedia article is not an ad, then perhaps you ought spend less time effing and more time reading and thinking about what you’ve read. :)

On re-reading it, there is no doubt in my mind that it was an ad. :)

Anyway, I’ve spent the last few days listening to lots of records. Man, they sound good. E.g., Toots and the Maytals, “Reggae Got Soul” is incredible on vinyl, just doesn’t have the same depth on CD - at least the tracks on the greatest hits CD. Also, why is it that some of the LPs that I remember being musically great turned out to be stinky when hearing them again 20 years later, but others really have stood the test of time?