Lexicon Alpha Question

Keeps opening multiple tracks

Hi, I’m very new to this, so any advice much appreciated. I’m using n-track with a Lexicon Omega. Each time I attempt to record a single track, 4-additional tracks appear. I just want to do one track at a time. Anyone know what’s going on here. I only have one usb track selected on the front panel of the Lexicon alpha.


click on hammer on main VU output meter - select in/out channels, untick unwanted channels -
if using ASIO then you will always get 2 mono or 1 stereo pair, ASIO does not do single channels -

Dr J

Click the hammer on the RECORDING Vu meter. There you can tell n whether to record stereo as a stereo track or as two mono tracks. Also,when arming the tracks, you can tell n which one side of the stereo (or two mono) tracks you want to record.

In preferences there is an option to add tracks automatically if the “LIVE” button is pressed. I turn that OFF myself. I add them when I want/need them.


PS ASIO does always work as channel pairs. You can tell n when to treat them as stereo and when to treat them as two mono tracks. It’s an ASIO thing. Just the way it works…

Well, I’ve kinda got that part figured out. now I’m battling a latency problem when recording the second track. Is the Lexicon Omega something that doesn’t work particularly well with n-track, or do I just need to have some patience??

thanks kelly

Don’t know much about the Lexi. Check your manual for “Direct Monitoring” or something similar and set the audio latency as low as you can go and get glitch free playback. NOTE: IF you are using ASIO drivers, you MUST set the audio latency in the drivers control panel. The changes made to n’s buffering settings are ignored. n gets the buffering/latency info from the ASIO driver.


I turned off the live input processing option and that seemed to do the trick. Got the track assignment setting figured out too thanks to your suggestions. At least for the time being everything is working as I had hoped. Thanks for helping me get started.