Light theme, please - too dark :(

Hey guys, I really loove you for the universe you created for us musicians, but please please

have in mind, there are tons (the majority as I believe) of people who do not prefer dark backgrounds. I know it is a trend amongst developers but that doesnt mean, you make your customer happy :´-(

I really suffer from my eyes also, the black is not good for the eyes and honestly, it depresses me, all the time looking in this black site . I am a very sunny nature.

I really want to urge you to work on a light theme alternative!

This refers also to the apps :frowning: … soo hard to work with. But the smaal letters, with little contrast, the dark background - I only have a 13 inch screen.

There are lots of words in the app, which are so small, I can´t read them. And you cant zoom.

This is hell! Black on white would be muuch easier …

Cant be lot of work offering that. We, the light fraction, will love it!

Thank you;


Isa, I don’t work for Ntrack but just tryin to help. There is a light theme layout you can select in the skins menu. I agree that some of the text is hard to read and I’m on a32 inch but you’ve got to keep in mind that unlike back in the analog days we are looking at an entire studio on single screens. Ever been in an old school analog studio?? No way on earth all of that gear could be viewed on such a small space. Maybe a external screen magnifier if nothing else works. Worst case , get a bigger monitor. Hope any of that helps

Hi Roger, the light theme I had discoverd, but that is not really light. And yes I know of course the old studios, but if I would be a developer (my dad was, my brother is :wink: … I would work with user levels, saying, beginner level toolbar set, medium toolbar set, advanced toolbar set

and thats it.You just could select your basic needs. I believe most of the users dont use 60% of the whole stuff in all their “career”. Thank you, I will go on approaching them to motivate at least to build the light theme. Indispensable from my sight. And no, bigger monitor is no option, I am only traveling … only have my laptop - thank you at all!

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