Line up tempo lines

How do you do it?

I am using build 2099 (latest build)
I have several multi-track recordings. The drums were recorded using midi and then converted to wav, so the drums are right on, but the tracks run for sometime before the drums and music start.
The tempo lines (Grid) seems to be controlled by the start of the tracks and that doesn’t match the proper place for the beat.
How can I get the tempo lines to match the drum tracks?
Do I have to go in and move every track to exactly the same starting place and if so, is there an easy way?

You are aware that you need to set the tempo of the song for the grid lines to be in the right place?

If the song’s tempo matches that of the drum track wav things should line up pretty well. You may need to turn of snapping to grid but leave the grid lines switched on, and then zoom right in. Drag the drum track wav around until the beats line up as closely as possible with the grid. (I think it’s SHIFT-click on the grid icon to get to it’s properties - where you can allow the grid to be visible but snap switched off).

Once you are all lined up, go to the end of the track and make sure things look good there too. All should be OK but it is possible for wavs generated on different machines to be slightly out. In which case either halve the difference at each ends and hope it’s close enough, or use Nil’s method in the FAQ for time-stretching tracks.

Getting the other tracks to line up with the now in-sync drum track may be a bit of trial and error if you don’t have a click reference. Some instruments like bass guitar can be easy (because they are played rhythmically with the drums), but swirly keyboard pads may be more problematic. You may just have to use your ears. It can be done. (Make a mental note to include a little bit of click track on all tracks if you need to do this again. It really helps)



Another option (my personal preference) is to just remove the grid. Then you can move tracks anywhere. Me thinks it’s under the menu “Edit | Grid”.

Thanks for the answers, but let me ask the questin a bit differently:
Is there a way to move the grid to match the drum track?
I know I can change the grids time spacing, but I want to slide it around to match the drum track.
If I do that everything will line up and I can edit/cut sections and keep the proper time easily.

No, you can’t move the grid, but moving the track to line up with the grid is the same as moving the grid to line up with the track! It’s just your point of view.

I sense that you want to move the grid because it will mean all your tracks can start at zero and hence all line up with each other?

If I’m right, all you need to do is slide the drum track to the right to line up to the grid. Then if you check out the Preferences for the drum wav you can find out the offset of the track from zero. Now edit the offset of each of the other tracks and they are easily lined up again. Sure you have a bar or so of nothing to the left of the tracks, but that’s what a wave editor is for at the end of the project!

Any help?


Oh…another option is to multi-select all of your tracks (Shift-Left Click each track part) then move them to match your grid (Ctrl-Left Click drag to right or left).

Of course! duh, I should have know that.