Line6 Floor Pod Plus wah adjust

just in case you need it

Calibrating the Vol/Wah Pedal
To make sure the pedal on your Floor POD Plus has the most sensitivity and range possible, do the following:
Unplug the power supply, then press and hold the • Toe Switch on the Vol/Wah pedal while reconnecting the power supply. The display will show “ PC” to indicate Pedal Calibration Mode, then ”000”.
With the pedal in the toe (maximum) position, press • Footswitch A. The display will scroll to “100”.
With the pedal in the heel (minimum) position, press • Footswitch B. The display will scroll to “100”.
Press • Footswitch C. The display will show a numerical value.
Press pedal • Toe Switch, then move the pedal from heel to toe positions and observe the lights around the Effects encoder. The number of lights should reflect the pedal position.
Press-and-hold the • Tap footswitch for two seconds to save the calibration.
Unplug the power then plug it back in. You're there!•

I’m not sure this calibrates the wah volume…

Yeah… there’s a similar procedure for calibrating the pedal on the XT Live. If I remember correctly, there are parameters in the Wah model settings for volume/gain and ‘Q’. I just have to look it up and give it a try. Like I said before… I dig my Ibanez wah, I just hate lugging all the crapola around… Gettin’ old I guess.

This is a far cry from the “old days” when I carried a half-stack, three guitars and a suitcase full of pedals, power supplies and cables everywhere… :(


PS Great… I just made my back go into spasms thinking about that 60 pound tube head and 3/4 ton 4x12 cabinet… :laugh:
(It sounded freakin’ AWESOME though… Not to mention I could yank on the whammy bar and make the dogs howl over three counties… LOL!)

Poppa, cool, I will give that a try.

D, yeah I know what you mean, the big stuff sounds great, but there is
something liberating about just having a guitar and a few small pieces
of equipment that can all be carried in one trip from the car. I can’t wait
for the future amp/effects synths that will be built into the combination
Dick Tracy TV watch.

It doesn’t work on my floor pod plus - has to be done with a midi editor software they have in beta and I’d need a usb to midi chord I’ve been too lazy to buy.

So D, and Poppa, thanks for bringing this whole thing up.
I looked at my
POD XT Live and there are 7 possible wahs to use that I didn’t know
I was just using the default called “Vetta Wah”. Now I’m sure I’m gonna spend a
bunch of fun time trying out each wah type.