Lining up the grid - how do I adjust start point?

I’m working with a program that adds about 2 seconds to the start of count down in Audio files (Band in a Box),
This means that using audio tracks do not line with the actual beat points in n_Track using the Grid. Of course, I can set to the correct bpm and I do. It’s the extra time at the beginning of the tracks that throws things off
Suggestions on how to fix this?

There is setting on the timer to set, samples for example, reaper has a time count like this 3:45:543 where nTrack defaults to something like this 3:45.5 where .5 will be a section of a count to 20. This is fully adjustable in nTrack. You can change this in ntrack to match for example reapers time count if you importing a section to can get the part to line up correctly. This might be handy in using the right click and place marker at #, a more accurate point on the time line. You can always move the entire project
the full 2 seconds by group selecting the works or create an empty track 2 seconds long, trimming it to be exactly that length then right click and place item at the 2 second timeline.

Hope that helps,

Thanks. I’ll check it out later today. not sure what the clock will do.
Thanks, I appreciate the response.

I guess this will depend on where the ‘0’ point is on nT - with the extra seconds of the imports running prior to the start-time. At times like these, I would roll-up the extra seconds from the left and drag them into place manually.