Live Imput Processing

how to get it to work

I am not able to get the live input processing function to work. As I understand it you can hear the effects without it being recorded somewhat like an effects unit so you could just sort of jam and hear the effects but I can’t seem to get it to work. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Live certainly does route the input to the output directly. You obviously have to set your soundcard outputs up to be turned on. Also watch that you don’t have your soundcard inputs set to “what you hear” or something similar, otherwise you get a feedback loop. The other thing with “live” is that you run straight in to latency, both from your soundcard and from any plug-in. It can get quite significant. Personally, I never use it - I use asio drivers and direct-monitor in hardware. I add effects afterwards. There are various ways of hearing effects while you are actually recording, but unless you have on-board DSP in hardware on your soundcard, or you use outboard hardware, you are going to have the problem of latency to deal with.

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I use it all the time.

do this.
make a blank audio track.
set it up to record from the input of your soundcard that your instrument is connected to. ie channel one.
turn off any direct monitoring through your soundcard for that input. so you only hear n-track when it’s going and not n-track and the direct monitor.

Hit Live, you should hear your instrument.
add some effects and go for it. play with your latency settings to find the sweet spot between real time and effects processing power.

You also need to select ‘enable LIVE monitoring on this input’ (or something like that) in the recording input properties (hammer under the recording VUs)