Live Input Processing sounds like a robot

n-track 5…latest one

hi everybody, so, I have a problem with my live input processing (well…for a couple of years now). Whenever I switch it on I just get fuzzy sounds out of my speakers. This happens with microphones and guitars that i plug directly into my interface.

my setup: instrument/mic–>tascam us-122–>n-track

So, what I
´ve found out so far is that it
´s not a cable problem, it
´s not a feedback problem and it
´s not a problem with my computer because I
´ve tried this on at least 3 computers with 2 different interfaces and it never worked.
I also reinstalled n-Track at least a million times over the years so that probably won
´t help it either.

You know when you have a .wav file with the wrong sampling rate? that robotic, digital sound? that
´s what my problem sounds like.

´ll try and get a recording of it but I can
´t record it within n-track and the microphone of my mobile phone is kinda crappy…

excuse me if i forgot some useful information but it
´s 2 a.m. in the morning over here and i
´m getting tired…


edit: oh yeah, recording and playing back my recordings is working completely fine

a couple of thing come to mind: The Tascam is USB I believe and other USB items can cause a problem - moving a mouse or other things even if not on the same input; turn off the LIVE button in N_track - it adds processing for any effects that you have turn on and could be a soure of noise. Have you tried recording from any other source, even the built in sound card to see what happens?
Keep us posted.

hey, thanks for your reply

you are right, my tascam is a usb-interface and so was my m-audio fasttrack which I had before. I used them both on my laptop (one after the other, not at the same time) but there weren
´t any other usb-devices connected to my laptop and I still had my robot-problem.
Now I
´m using a recording desktop computer without a build-in soundcard which has nothing on it except n-track, asio4all and my tascam
´s driver and it
´s still not working right.
When the LIVE button is disabled everything is working fine, I can record, I can playback, everything
´s great.
I tried it again a few minutes ago. I opened up n-track, clicked on the LIVE button and there it was again. I checked every channel for effects or anything but there was nothing.
I will give the live input processing another try with the build in soundcard of my laptop, although it
´s against all my recording ethics

I haven’t messed with this much as I really don’t use the live input, but recently through the course of trying to get something to work, I did manage to mess around with it a bit.

Lets assume you are running the latest version and you’ve created some tracks without live processing and all works fine. Now when you activate the live processing can I assume you are trying to record while your playing back your tracks? If so try this.

Each track that you have recorded will have an option to monitor live input (it will be in the drop down where you armed your tracks), I would suggest you go through all your tracks and disable live input from each track.

Now provided all your previous tracks, the option to monitor live input the check marks are removed, prepare a track to record your live input, try with monitor live input on and off on your new track only and see what effect it has.