Live Monitoring

Can’t get it working

I just finished rebuilding my DAW after motherboard replacement.

Now, I can’t get the Live monitoring to work. Record and playback work fine.

I’m pretty sure it’s my audio device settings, because it worked fine before my rebuild. I’ve tried several different settings with no success. Here’s my current settings:

Playback devices: WDM: Delta 1010LT 1/2

Recording Devices: WDM: Delta 1010LT 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 and WDM: Line 6 TonePort UX1

Any recommendations appreciated.

Perhaps if you could tell us what your system specs were before the new build and what it is now, the comparison could shed some light on it on the trouble your having. It’s a good idea to provide as much detail as possible.


I am not familiar with the Delta 1010LT, but it may be affected by the settings windows uses in the Control panel for sound. You might check and see what sound card and settings Windows is using in the Sound settings record and playback.


You only need to use “Live” monitoring if you want to hear effects (such as reverb) as you record. The Delta monitor mixer will let you set up a monitor mix of previously recorded tracks and the incoming signal. See link.

You also need to set H/W out 1/2 to be the monitor mixer in the patchbay router tab.

Thanks to all for your help.

I’m currently on the road and will need to check my settings when I return home.


The ‘live’ button comes in handy for monitoring midi/vst instruments when n is in stop/pause mode.

Thanks for all the help. On my 1010LT mixer, I had to send the mix channel to outputs 1/2 that I normally use for monitoring. Once again. Life is good!

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