Live multi track recording using Yamaha TF5

New to N Track - need help setting up

I used N Track many years ago to edit church services for radio broadcast. That was using simple stereo recordings i pulled into N Track and editing to a set length of program. Now I have installed the latest N Track 9 and want to record live multi track recordings to use to teach audio techs how to mix for worship service. I connected my Dell laptop to the TF5 and started N Track. It immediately connected and after looking around, I had 32 tracks setup. The TF5 is a digital console, and on each channel, I am able to assign a direct out to a USB channel. The console came with the Yamaha Steinberg driver. My first problem is that I cannot figure out how to assign the usb channel to a recording channel in N Track. When I let N Track default set up the recording tracks, it sets up 32 recording tracks. For this recording, I only need 12-14 tracks to be recorded. I look at the track setting and all it shows is Yamaha ASIO. If I delete a track, the tracks renumber. How do I know what USB ASIO track is assigned to what N Track recording track?
Any help would be appreciated.