Loading SoundFont .sf2 file

Can you please change the way of custom SoundFont adding to something like there will be a default SoundFont folder in nTrack folder and you put .sf2 file in it and app will automatically load SoundFont ? ??


How do you get a sf2 to even work??? I can’t get addons to download and can’t get sound fonts to work!!!

What operating system are you using n-Track on? Windows, Mac, iOS, Android?

I’m using an Android phone and I have the suite version on one phone and the pro version on the other. I can’t hardly get any add-ons to download on either phone and I can’t get sf2 to work neither

We’ve recently updated the Android user guide with instructions on how to use third party soundfonts.

As for downloading add-ons, if you have problems finishing the download, does the problem occur with all sound banks or only with the ones whose download size is large? Try for example downloading the “Guitars and Basses” or “Piano & Keys” bank, which are smaller downloads. If already installed try to delete and re-download it to see if the download works.

If the problem is only with the bigger downloads, please try to do the download using a wi-fi connection as opposed to a mobile connection. When using a slow connection the download may time-out.

If you continue having problems please write to support@ntrack.com.