Local Music Project?

What d’you reckon?

I’m in the middle of setting-up a local, musical, co-operative, recording club thingimajig.

The idea being, that in the corner of our local second hand record (vinyl) and vid’ rental shop, a laptop, and some decent cans - (but, by all means, bring your own plugs/buds/cans), containing tracks by local member bands/artists. Upload price to be discretionary but with a minimal shelf to keep it real;-) Any proceeds would be funneled back into the collective to cover the costs of any equipment a member might need. It’s a small rural town but has an amazing Uni with a healthy student scene going on and a vibrant music culture - s’why I moved here;-)

Can anyone think of any legal pitfalls when it comes to the software we use in a public place?

Not if you own it.

Ta, Tom. WMP frinstance?