Long time N Track V5 user still - My recordings!

thought I might post some Rock instrumental recordings I’ve made. All tracks recorded with N V5.1.1 using a Line 6 Toneport or Behringer UMC22 interfaces using amp sims or live recording of acoustics or Tube amp. I dont have any fancy equipment and still using an old but faithful HP laptop with Win XP Pro. I recently got a decent 24 inch LCD monitor when I grabbed our old bedroom TV when we upgraded to a larger one. All electric, acoustic and bass guitars are my own builds. I have over the past couple of years been re purposing old pianos and building dreadnoughts and jumbos as they can have nice stika spruce in the soundboards. Anyway I love to play and record short instrumental tracks. These are a bit rough and ready but its fun playing around with them. The keyboard sounds are from garage band which i use on an ipad connected to my mixer then into my interface to n track. I have used lots of strings on other recordings that give a nice texture to the sound.
Hopefully now this will link with Google Drive!