Looking for some help.

moved site, want to test the tunes…

Hi everyone,

I posted some time back and got great feedback, and thought I might turn to you folks for some help.

I just moved my website to a new hosting provider, and was hoping some of you might take a peek, listen to any of the tunes, leave some feedback, and generally kick the tires. There is nothing commercial on the site (no ads, pop-ups), just a couple of album-sized collections of my tunes and a new feedback bb.

If any of you are interested, it’s at
Aaron Kammerer

If you’d leave feedback on the music or even the site itself there or here, I’d really appreciate it…


PS some favorite tunes on the Recliner collection are ‘Circles’ and ‘I Know’.
Encyclomedica: I like ‘Driving’ and ‘Talking’.

the site is very nice, nice photo work.
good song writer too. Most songs I sampled were a little laid back for my taste, I like the stuff that rocks a little more. But you’re very good.

Thanks for taking a look, and for the nice comments… Really appreciate it!


is there a problem with the site? wanted to check it out, but haven’t been able to get at it the last few days… i’m getting a website, but no content… just blank page.

edit:… i see the issue. it’s browser compatibility related (stylesheet i think)… your website doesn’t work properly on mozilla firefox… the bg doesn’t show up, so the text is white on white background.

i will check it out with IE now :wink:

Just to follow up, there was definitely a problem with \ / incompatibility (thank you msft). This has been resolved, and you should be able to get in with a standard browser. Thanks again, A

Heres the site.

listened to mostly stuff from "recliner"

what i liked:

- i liked your use of reverb, dynamic, etc… feels live.
- i’m not much for paying attention to lyrics, but i hear alot of music like this with cheesy lyrics that ruin the song for me… yours did not. :)
- i like your acoustic guitar playing. nice instrumentals and instrumental sections.
- music is very relaxing… sometimes reminds me of older mellow smashing pumpkins.

what i didn’t:

- drumming gets a little sloppy. doesn’t always live up to your tight guitar performances.
- the double/wide vocal effect works for you, but i didn’t like it as much in the more upbeat songs. do you always use that effect for your voice?

feel free to share some info on your setup and how you did some of this stuff… like how are you recording drums? am i hearing alot of electric guitars recorded direct?

i liked “i know”. imo, one of the better songs for writing, production, and performance.

Thanks for taking a listen. I used one of those MXL 990s to record all the acoustic guitar and vocals. Some of the time, I use the double tracked vox to give some strength and depth to the vocal sound. Stealing ideas mostly.

I recorded everything through a fostex DMT, then into N for mixdown work.

Your spot on with the drums, which as you can tell are not really my first instrument. Would love to collaborate with a quality drummer to get some better stuff there. Right now I use a pintech drum set in my apt because I really just don’t have a lot of exposure to other methods. Any suggestions?

And thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it!

i like the way the drums sound, and i surely don’t want to discourage you. i also play drums a little, but can’t really record them in the apt, so i either farm that part out or program the drum track.

if you’re looking to collaborate, there’s a few really good drummers at http://www.artistcollaboration.com

Very nice effects. Love the dist. guitar on “so far”. Mixed very nicely. On the home theater it sounds very nice. We all know home theater is not the best of environments to check out mixing. But hey, it just sounds good.

Can I ask what you use for all the guitar effects?

Sure. For all of these albums, I’ve been dialing around the Boss GT-6. They’ve got some pretty cool stuff on there, and I’ve also made a few patches of my own. It’s probably the single biggest music purchase I’ve made, but I think it was worth it.

For So Far, I think I used mostly standard sounds, but can’t be sure. The guitar sounds basically wrote that song.