Looking to Buy Ntrack again

Standard? 24bit? etc

Hey All… i have bought Ntrack in the past and love the lay out, ease of use etc…its been since version 3 the version that I have used…i am looking into getting back to recording… not sure if there is an upgrade path or not… but just might buy into the upcoming version 5 deal… is it worth getting the 24bit version I have the Delta 1010 ? I think thats what its called I am in the process of moving and everything is packed at the moment.

So I am in the process of setting up my little home studio… i am in the market for a cheap Tube pre…probably going to get the Berry Mic200… i have to keep costs low… i have a mackie mixing board… plenty of guitars… a bass and keyboards… will need a way to lay drum tracks… i have fruity loops and reason version 1… so just looking to jump back in…


If you want a cheap tube pre you can have my Art MP for very little down and nothing after that. :) But my bet is you’ll prefer the mackie pres.

By all means, go for the 24 bits. I would guess the upgrade path is to upgrade to 4 and then to 5.

If you upgrade to 4 now, you should recieve the free upgrade to 5 I think.