Looks like a bug: MIDI learn not persisting [Android]

I am using MIDI LEARN and everything works fine, however if I close the app and reopen it, it forgets everything I configured in the MIDI LEARN.

If I dont close the app I can open new projects, close projects, open another project… and everything works fine: the MIDI learn persists across all projects. However if I close the app and open it again, I have to make the MIDI LEARN all over again… I am not clicking the “Reset MIDI LEARN” and also I am not clicking the “Un-learn MIDI LEARN” inside Settings menu, because of course I would probably lose all midi learns I configured.

And one side question: dont you have a Low Pass Filter or High Pass Filter effect inside the instruments track (MIDI)? All other DAW I tried provide this effect and allow it to be controlled with knobs on midi controller (MIDI LEARN).

This issue will be fixed in the next update which will be available within this week.


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Awesome news! Just a suggestion: you could save the MIDI LEARN with the project/song file so this way it’s easier to export a song file (NTRACK format) and provide it to another person try on their app with the midi learn already saved together. If you keep MIDI LEARN saved in the app itself, apart from the project file the user saves, that makes impossible to backup the MIDI LEARN and restore it later in another device.

I, for example, intend to use NTRACK on my smartphone and on my tablet, sometimes I will connect my smartphone other times I will connect my tablet to the midi controller… then it would be nice to have the MIDI LEARN saved with the project/song file (NTRACK format) or in a separate file that allows me to export and import it in another app.

The later option is the way it works on Audio evolution and Cubasis - both allow the user to export the “midi learn” to a xml file and import it whenever they want.

Thanks for the suggestion. We have import and export buttons for the MIDI control configuration in the desktop version of n-Track, we’ll be adding that to the Android and iOS version soon, and we’ll also try to save it with the song.