loop playback selection

I have at last upgraded fom 6 to 7 :) .

Now I can not find how to loop playback a selection.


Select the area that you want to loop and press the Loop button which is situated next to the Live button in the lower-left transport tools.

OK i found it.

It was green from the beginning(BUG) so I did not find it.



Hi Goran,
Is the bug related only to the first lunch of n-Track after the update or it happens every time you lunch a session with loop active?

It seems to just be the first time !

Now I think it works !!!
I like it (the new style) !

But there is Another bug (same as in nTrack 6)


I have a midi track.

I also have a VSTi (sapled) instrument.
I can play this VSTi instrument from from a key-board with midi-in.

The midi track out goes to the VSTi-instrument.

I also have an audio track. If I put a plugin on this audio track the midi-track-out goes over (and leavs

the VSTi instrument) to the plugin.

It can also happen that the midi-in-port will be deselected.

All this was the same in nTrack 6. Please fix these problems

Thank You

Hi Goran
I have understood the problem but I’m having some difficulties in reproduce it.
Could you kindly tell me the procedure by which you can reproduce the bug?

It just happens sometimes but rather frequet. Well I now have lerned to live with it.

Back to the loop playback: I now know how it works but if I make a selction and replay that selection but put the cursor outside that selection nTrack freece and I have to try to Close nTrack down.

(win8 Sony Waio 17" with very good hardware).


I Goran, I’ll try to reproduce and fix both issues.
I keep you update.

Thanks for your support

Was this solved in v7.1.0 Beta (Pre-release) ??

I have tried some other DAWs:

Magix Samplitude , Very Heavy (maybe not so bad but…)
they are soon out of bussiness I guess ??? :whistle:

I also just got the Steinberg UR 824 interface (works splendid with nTrack7) so I am also trying cubase 7AI …

After all nTrack suites me the best :D .

Maybe there should be just a Little bit eaysier to rename tracks. !?


I mean rename audio files not tracks.

And when You select path , browse should start where you were last time.



you can rename audio files using the “Track” -> “Rename/Copy wave file” menu command. Alternatively you can just edit the file name in the file properties box that appears right clicking on the file and selecting “Properties” from the popup menu.


Unfortunately for Majic there order site is a mess.
As for the loop problem, I have experienced a problem in the past when I used the Pause button. I found the if I used the stop button there was not a problem. You might check and see if what you are experiencing is related.