Looping MIDI Controllers

Trying to loop a MIDI Piano, no sustain

I am trying to loop a keyboard part that requires a lot of sustain, but when I copy and paste in the piano roll view, the sustain is not copied and everything is played short. Does anyone know how to get all controllers to “tag” along? Thanks for any help.

This might be what you need: In the piano roll, click on the button that lets you select which events to view and draw. Add in Controller 64 (I think that’s the one for sustain). You might need to exit and reopen the piano roll to see the events added. They will become visible in the same pat of the piano roll that the notes are in. Once in there drag along the top to highlight all events in that view. The controllers will not be highlighted in the bottom. Anyway, once visible and highlighted in the top part of the piano roll they can be copied and pasted.