Lost at sea

Comments please

This song tries to conjure the image of a man Lost at Sea on a make shift raft, floating aimlessly with the sea all around him. At one point he thinks he sights land, and starts muttering about “I’m Home”, but alas it was a false hope.

Comments about how to make improvements to the mix most welcome.

Lost at Sea

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Lost at Sea

Many thanks

Nice little mood piece. I’d turn down the water effects after the intro, otherwise NICE :)

I like the sound…nice and full. I think my “lost at sea” piece would be more desperate-sounding, though :laugh: . I also like your percussion sounds–what are you using? I second teryeah on the water (though I like the sound), and to me, it actually sounds like being on the shore rather than out in the middle of the ocean for some reason(?). Also, sometimes the clean guitar seems panned too far to the left. Good sound overall though…


Thanks for the comments, very appreciated. I’ll give it another listen with fresh ears, and make some tweaks.

You’re right it is waves on the shore.