Lost FAComp in 3.3

It is there but N-Track does not list it

I am using 3.3, and I used to have the FAComp. Both the included one and the purchased one. They are still in the N-Track program directory under Direct X effects but N-Track is not giving them as an option.

I seem to remember something about registering Direct X effects but I can’t remember how to do it or if this is the problem.

If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.

Dave T2

probably you need to re-register it. If i correctly remember:
Search for “regsvr32.exe” and drop the direct-x file on it. Or use the command line for “regsvr32.exe nameofthefile”

Thanks Marce, I will let you know if that works.

Dave T2

That did it thanks. I had figured out that I needed to re-register but I couldn’t get the command line to work right.

Dropping it on the program icon worked great.

Thanks again.

Dave T2