Lost my track faders!!

O.K. hope I can explain this. I have been using 3.3 for for a long time and not a single problem.

Now for some reason on just one project I have lost my idividual track info. What I mean is no mute, solo. etc.

I can bring up the mixer, but nothing is there for each track!
I cannot just click on the track and have the individual track strip drop down. Am I making sense? If so can anyone help me? I have been using n-track for years. Went trought setting … apearance and everything I know to do but cannot get back my idividual track mixer doobies.

Hi hogfingers:
Press the “TAB” button on your keyboard… OR Go to the “Drop-down Menu” VIEW… and THEN Mixer… You’ll see IT there… You can then configure the “Mixer” you like to see… Using “Cont+Shift+Tab” or anything you want…

Could that be what you’re looking for?


I’m not haveing any trouble with the mixer window.
What I mean is the the little arrows to the left of the track that you hit to drop down individual track mixers. And also the mute, solo and record buttons to the left of the individual tracks… that’s what I have lost. But just on one project.

OHHH! Never mind I figured out what was doing it!
I shrunk the verical image of the track small to fit into the window! Got quite a few tracks going in this project. Expanded the tracks and there they be!! sorry for the dumb question.