Lost Recordings

Lately, multiple recordings are lost!
After the take - n-track will indicate, that it cannot save. Error message will say that file is read only, and after that take is lost!

I am usually dedicating audio track for Bass, Drum, RGuitar Solo etc… While recording bass, I would record until I am satisfied. Sometimes sever times over and over the same track. I am not sure if my process will generate this problem - however it is happening randomly and to me without apparent pastern.

Result of this is that I lost several hours of drum takes.

Anyone with similar experience?

Sounds like a Windows registry generated error to me.

this happens with Malware etc.

I would run Spybot or whatever you have and fix the reg errors then see if it persist.

BTW, you may find those files are not lost afterward, unless Ntrack promted you to delete them when you closed it they are still somewhere…finding them will be a different story…you will need to know the name of the sng. file (eg. newsong1) and the directory they were recorded to eg, My documents>my music etc.


My 1st thought is common Windows 7 read-only issue!
However, I have some recordings saved, and missing some!

Since the April 13th, Windows security patch, copy of 64-bit Windows 7 is marking all folders as “read only” and she couldn't find an easy way to fix it. But this isn't a problem that's unique to either 64-bit Windows 7 or this particular set of patches. Instead, it seems to be an endemic problem with Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

It seems that several things can cause this problem. Among the causes: patching the system, upgrading from one version of Windows to another, and saving files to the top-level directory (C:). Microsoft knows this is an issue, but for some reason the company doesn't call it a bug.

So this one probably goes to Windows, not n-track.

I agree,

like I said run spybot or whatever malware reg fixer you have if you have a pay one.

Spybot will fix the first 105 reg errors I think, but it will also show you any others after that, where they exactly are.

Once you identify the reg. file dll that is in error you can replace it with a new one by simply (I say that almost jokingly) finding a replacement dll on the web sticking on your desktop, opening it up with notepad (or copy it’s contents to notepad) and save as an INF. file extension, once it is an INF on the desktop right click it and install it to the registry.

alternatively, you say you have some files that saved and some that didn’t, that might be helpful in determining when the dll files were knocked out if say perhaps you want to do a system restore back to a previous point.
I would still back up my wav files in “my music” along with the Ntrack sng files that point toward their orientation inside Ntrack, just because they say “read only” when you try to open or play them now doesn’t mean they will say that once you get the reg error eliminated.


Just a suggestion for recording files and then being able to find them again.
If you will do a File > New and then File > Save As > (you name the file what you wish) all of the tracks will be created with the name you created with Five > Save As. Really a good deal. Files are written to the hard drive as they are recorded, so the problem come because it is sometimes difficult to find them if you are not aware of where the computer program decided to put them. With the file saved under a name unique to each song you can do a search for the files and find then. Both the sound files and the .sng file from N-track will have the same unique name even befor you have saved them ( you still have to save the sng (n-track) file.
Good hunting.