m-audio 2496 just squatted and dumped

is the EMU 0404 a good substitute?

Anybody out there in n Land using the EMU 0404? I’d get another 2496, but I’m not entirely happy with it seeing as it’s only 2 yrs. old and crapped out. I guess that’s better than porking it just after warranty is up, but still… Another option is the Mia Midi (which is the one I’ve always wanted), but it’s $200 as opposed to the 0404 which is $100 less. Please let me know what ya’ll think.

Pull out the 2496, clean the PCI fingers, and stick it back in, maybe into a different PCI slot.

I thought mine was gone too, but this brought it back.

If your Audiophile is indeed toast, I’d HIGHLY recommend the EMU. I have the 1820M which is great. PLUS Flavio just released V4 Build 1785 and n-Track now works perfectly with EMU’s PowerFX. You’ll get great sound plus excellent effects with no drain on your PC’s CPU. I am stoked! (In case you didn’t notice!) :D :D

TG – happy as a clam in muck!

Weird, it just started working again. Maybe I’ll try archimedes trick just to make sure it doesn’t start pulling the intermittent problem boogie. If it still craps out, I think I’m definitely buying the EMU. On board DSP with no CPU hit…Hmmm, thats a good thing!

I have the Firebox now, but you know the EMU is one great card Taws!

So if your Ma goes on the blink, grab that EMU, you won’t be sorry.