m-audio delta 1010 lt and n 4.0 config

how do I get it all working?

I recently upgraded to n-track 4.x and used it with stereo card without too much trouble. Some hangs but overall pretty good.
Now I have installed a delta 1010 LT in the hopes of multitrack live recording. 4 to 8 tracks at once.

The first issue is most likely a windows problem.
The sliders in the m-audio mixer have no effect on the level.
Am I missing somthing here?
All of the mics show signals on the VU meters.

Next problem is n-track seems to know the hardware is there, but I see only VU input from channel 1.
How do I get this thing to record multiple tracks at once?
I am new to n-4.x and new to delta 1010.
Do I need to re-install N?
Any help with my config would be great.
Thanks in advance.

I just set up my new computor with a Delta 1010lt. I actually had a faulty unit and had to have it replaced by M-Audio. If you’ve loaded the driver and selected the delta AISO as your input and output source under n-track’s prefernces, you should see 10 input vu meters and 10 output vu meters. Is that much happening so far?

Also you might want to go to the M-Audio website and download the latest driver and use that. My first problem came from an old version of the driver that came with the Delta card on a cd. The new driver worked much better

Yes, I have the latest driver and N-track records in multitrack.
The problem is, How do I adjust the input levels?
The sliders on the mixer have no effect on the signal except adding to the Master channel.
I have tried following the directions in the manual and this does not seem right.
Should I not have control over the signal from the mixer page?
I have tried all jumper settings.
Could someone please let me know, should the sliders in the mixer adjust the level or not?
If I have a defective unit I need to figure it out right away.

I’ve been using N-Track in conjunction with Delta 1010LT for over a year now and never had any problems. The mixer controls do not adjust the input levels, not with N-Track. You should do that in the Delta Control Panel, under ‘Variable Signal Levels’ in the ‘Hardware Settings’ tab. If you switch to the ‘slider’ mode, you will be able to ajust the input level for each mono input in particular or by stereo pairs. Should you have any other problem, just shoot, I’ll be back to answer. :cool:

Alright, This is what I was doing, it just seemed strange to me.
I thought the levels would adjust down in the mixer window.
I bought the 1010 used and I think I am in panic mode.
Next time i purchase something like this I will buy new.
I saw them new on pricewatch.com for 250.00
The first 2 xlr preamped inputs are the ones giving me the most trouble. My mixer only has 2 outputs. Can the inserts be used as outputs?

The inserts on your mixer can be used as outputs and so can the aux sends. You can also use the first two inputs on the delta 1010 as direct inputs since they are already fitted with preamp. How many channels does your external mixer have?

The behringer has 2 outputs.
I have been panning them left and right to seperate the guitar and everything else.
I should have mentioned I am doing live recording of bands I play drums with.
I have two on the delta for a total of 4.
I would like to have 8 since the delta is capable of that.
This would cover most 5 or 6 piece bands these days.
Thanks, I will try the inserts.

Quote (Rhythmking @ Mar. 12 2005,10:46)
I bought the 1010 used and I think I am in panic mode.

The 1010 is a very cool sound card.
For Recording:
Go to your Moniter mixer tab, then on the horizontal slider, slide right for input levells, adjust your input (this is your moniter mixer for recording) Then bring your slider back far left for your output mix (things you already have recorded). Mix the two untill the player likes what they hear for monitering while recording.
For playback:
IN your pachbay Routher just select the chanells that you have assigned for your output. You can adjust the output levells in the Moniter Mixer by having the slider left for waveout. See it now?
This is basically how you handle the M-Audio, the moniter mixer is just what it says, a moniter mixer, it's awsome when you get the hang of it.

In the ntrack prefrences; for recording devices choose for recording delta 1010 multitrack
for playback which ever pair you have your out put lines from.

Check your record levells in ntrack VU before recording, you will also have more adjustments from the Rec VU hammer.
Since you have the independent channels you should use those instead of an outboard mixer down to two tracks. You have many options really.
Darn you said LT, the moniter mixer should still be a feature for you.