Mackie 1602 Onyx Firewire Card

Onyx FireWire Card work with Ntrack ? 5.


I couldnt find this subject in the search so forgive me if this topic has been gone over before.

Has anyone used the New Mackie 1602 Onyx Firewire Card and Mixer with Ntack 5.x ?

Is there a thread already out there?



I haven’t seen a thread on the Mackie firewire mixers yet.

I’m looking at acquiring a 1640 with the firewire board myself for recording our contemporary church group and would like to know that it works.

Sorry I’m no help, but I’ll be watching this thread…


I’m not sure if that matters very much… anyway… If the operating system recognizes the audio hardware then n-Track should be able to interact with the inputs-and-outputs of the audio card… I’d be surprised if you discovered something different…