Mackie Control Universal Pro

Anyone use with N?

Has anyone had any experience with this and n-Track? I think it looks way sleeker than the previous version. May be time to get one… :)

from the Msckie advert at sweetwater
“I’ve been a “user” since the HUI days, and having this much control over Logic, PT, FCP” - Logic, Pro Tools maybe N track NO -

N does not allow automatic mapping so you would have to map every knob/slider/switch in yourself - and what feedback N does provide is set for Tascam units not Mackie - so the faders may not respond properly and the display could be useless -

the Behringer BCF 2000 and the rotary BCR 2000 are a fraction on the Mackie, do much of the same, but they still have to be mapped in - have my BCR 2000 on Mackie Trackrion 2 - works great - now works witn N after hours of mappimg it in -

Dr J

I’ve tried mapping my BCF2000, but it’s only one way. Can you upload your configuration somewhere so I can get it? Maybe Flavio could include it in the next release?

does the Presonus FaderPort work with Ntrack?

soundman32 - have you installed the Mackie Control Universal preset BCF2MCU.SYX in your BCF2000 ?

Bax3 - N track fader automation does not recognise transport controls that send out SYX commands - you can persuade N to accept buttons and faders - for N to recognise transport controls they must follow the Mackie Control Universal format (note on note off) not syx -

Dr J

This thread is a few years old. I am thinking about getting a Faderport. Any update on success working with n-tracks?


Last I checked ( a long time ago) the Faderport only worked with Presonus interface and limited software.
I bought a little Korg Kontrol board at Guitar Center. A “mini” midi board. It works pretty well with N_track and can control 8 channels and master channel, some effects - 9 knobs, 9 faders and 18 switches - all programmable. they are on Musiciansfriend for $59.99.
Works from USB and can control
lot of the stuff you use a mouse for in N-track.
A side note, though it works, I ended up using the mouse more than the board - maybe just habit, but it even though it works, it just seems easier with the mouse.

I bought one of the Korg nano Kontrol units. It works fine with n-tracks.

I have the sliders and knobs working but can’t figure out what to do with the buttons. How do you use them?