Make a Sine Wave at specified frequency?

I want to make a sin wave at a specified frequency using N-tracks…does anyone know how to do this internally without using an external source of sound?



I don’t think N-track will do it, but the free Audacity audio editor will do it (look under the Generate menu item).



Cool, Thanks, I’ll give it a shot.


Hi sibum:
I found this link for a signal Generator on a Back-up DVD I have of my Documents… I do a back-up of that folder, every-so-often… This on was dated Sept 04…

If you browse that link you might find other useful audio utilities…

Here’s another one… It has a GUI, I think that what they’re called… The link needs to be browsed… You’ll find the “Free” one in there somewhere… It’s the Virtual generator… MR-1 I think… I use it in the studio, for setting levels on Outboard equipment, and all…

Again, there’s a whole bunch of other stuff in there, to browse, for…

You need to have Flash Player 6 installed, or a player that you will be able to hear it, with… There is no installation.exe It just goes… There is a button on the bottom of the unit… Mouse to it and click…on… There is a mode switch for a whole series of wave-forms and frequencies and level settings… that are predetermined…


Thanks so much.


Try the rightmark audio analyser:


or there was a freeware thing called Wavetool which included generators, oscilloscope, sonogram, frequency analysers etc., but the link is no longer valid.

But if you want it, PM me.