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This app is awesome, I am not coming here to complain! It provides lots of features for a very very low price when compared to apps like Cubasis which are expensive and lack any support from the dev team.

The single reason I am still not using NTRACK in live playing is that the live audio monitor has a persistent latency - when connected for example to a microphone, guitar… I tried messing around in the Settings menu, using low latency mode, changing number of buffers… it helps, but not by a lot.

Now take a look at the app called Audio Elements, it has absolutely almost 0 latency (even when using external microphone). I am not affiliated with this app and I am not promoting it, I am just saying that there is some sorcery some magic that this app is doing that makes latency unnoticeable. Really, I am not exagerating.

In my opinion, the devs behind NTRACK could take a look at the app I told above (I am not typing the name again here so you dont think I am promoting it) and check what magic it’s doing. The latency is really unnoticeable even after adding 1 or 2 effects (like reverd).

There are other apps like the one above that provide almost zero latency, I am just citing one name here in this thread so you can investigate.

It would be awesome, really awesome if you could drop the latency to somewhere close to the app above! I know lots of people that use the app above for live playing (mostly in churches) and it is very consistent even accross different smartphones!

Hope this contribution helps you guys because you have a really nice software that I just came to know in the last few days and I am loving it! I use Cubasis, FL Studio and Audio evolution for years all of them in the paid version and I can confidently say that NTRACK is one of the best, if not the best!

I did a quick test of Audio Elements and the input to output latency doesn’t seem to be better than n-Track. With a Samsung S20 the latency compensation (directly related to latency) comes out at approx 3000 samples, which is very similar to the figure I get with n-Track using the default settings (which can often be improved using AAudio drivers and the low latency switch).
On Android the input to output latency varies quite a bit from device to device, and is mostly caused by the operating system adding layers of buffering between the app and the audio hardware.
The user guide has a chapter on this.
You can overcome this limitation of the operating system by using a supported USB audio device, in which case n-Track bypasses the operating system audio stack and talks directly to the device, in many cases the reduction in latency is dramatic.


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I have a samsung smartphone A52 model and a tablet A8. The tablet I know is not fast, but the A52 I think is pretty fast. Using your app with a microphone connected to it and using monitor ON, I cant sing a song live because the latency get in my way. Using the other app it has almost zero latency.

But I think you nailed the problem: maybe the other app has some optimization related to my 2 devices which is not optimized to your S20 which is a much better device them mine. Maybe this problem only shows up in devices not very fast.

Anyway, I thank you so much for your attention!