making songs available

Making songs available

Hello! Can someone walk me through the process of uploading my n-track songs, so they can be listened to on the forum? Thank You,
Billy ???


Hi Billy, glad to hear you are thinking of giving us the chance to hear your music. The process of making it available is not too complicated, I’ll see if I can explain it properly.
You need to do two things:

1. Get some webspace where you can store your song (or songs)
You may already have some provided by your ISP when you signed up. My ISP provides me with 100MB as part of my internet account package. Have a look at your ISP’s homepage to see if you have some and how to activate it. If you don’t have any, don’t despair! sign up for some FREE webspace at ArtistCollaboration or Motagator (there are quite a few others out there as well)

2. Upload your song to your webspace (you will need an FTP application like WS-FTP or similar) and then post a link on the forum to where the song is located.

For example, here is the full address of my homepage:

I have songs stored in my webspace which can either be accessed via my site, or directly through a link like this:

You can also link via the “http://” button on the forum posting box. This gives you the opportunity to add a “friendly name” to the link. Click the button and a box will appear, type the address into the box, click ok and another box will appear, type the friendly name into that box, click ok and your’e done. I’ll post exactly the same links as above but using the friendly name like this:

My Webpage

Out Of Reach

That’s all there is to it :D

You can also do the same thing to link to pictures as well.
Ok, the World’s your oyster now Billy.
Go for it!


For temporary (link last 7 days) upload - try
You can send up to 1GB.

Another good option is which is owned/run by a fellow n-Tracker. You get 20 Meg free space and it has a Storefront option where you can sell your CDs through your PayPal account.

No complicated FTP to learn either.