Maudio 2496 psi w/ emu 0404 usb

No idea how

I’m trying to use the above devices to get seperate input tracks. I tried a few things but can’t get it going. Could someone step me through this or link me to a tutorial?

I’ve got xp sp2 and plenty of speed

Tutorial HERE

Work through the tutorials there and you should get the basics down. One thing though… do you want to use the 2496 and 0404 at the same time? If so, well… I wouldn’t recommend it as the separate tracks will drift apart timing wise as each card is running on it’s own separate clock. It may not be a big drift but could become noticeable over the length of an average song and worse for epic 12 minute rock operas. :D


Yeah, I did want to do it at the same time. There’s no way to? Is there a way to sync the clocks?

That was a good tutorial but I didn’t see anything about multiple sound cards.

Both my card and USB mixer/card have Spdif. Is it possible to use one as a slave to the other and have them workling off the same clock? Also, I can’t even find where I would set one track to one card and another track to the other card. Am I’m barking up the wrong tree?

I forgot about S/PDIF… you might use that to synch the two… I dunno. You need to check your manuals for both cards and figure that one out.

As for the other question, you should be able to go to Settings > Audio devices and select both your 2496 and your EMU. You may have to use WDM on one and ASIO on the other. It’s gonna be interesting to see if you can make this work! Me? I’d sell 'em both and buy ONE card with all the I/O I need. Make life simpler. I know, I know… sometimes that’s not feasible for $$ reasons…

Good luck!


Thanks for the advice. I guess you can multiselect on the audiodevices form(I missed that) I’ll let you know if it works.