Mbox 2 and Audiophile 24/96

Hey guys. Anyone remember me?

Anyway I grabbed an mbox the other day because I had a specific need and one was having Pro Tools incase clients insist on things being done in PT.

Anyway I’m wanting to know peoples thoughts on getting the Mbox2 to work as an addtional 2 inputs along side the audiophile pci card I have while using Ntrack. I’m thinking it will have to be something with SPDIF…

Any ideas and direction before I fiddle around with the stuff? I think I know where to go in setting it up but rather not waste time going in the wrong direction.

I spent two hours re-wiring stuff yesterday when I was setting up a new monitering system and man was that a waste of time.

So far I have my set up as such… Mic into mixer… tape out into audiophile, audiophile output into a stereo channel. Using Aux 1 to feed the monitering headphones so the mic input feeds directly into the heads and the audiophile return feeds heads. I will no be monitering the mic input from the audiophile return due to the delay (or supposed) delay. I havent test that all out yet, but would like to intergrate the Mbox2 into it so that I have 4 inputs rather then 2.

As far as I know I cant record from different cards in Ntrack at the same time, so was thinking feeding mics into Mbox2, then SPDIF out to the SPDIF in on the audiophile and record via through that since Ntrack will read the SPDIF and analog inputs at the same time.