me too! New songs abound

Everything I love About Texas

Take it or leave it.

You know what they say if you can’t take a joke right?

I decided to take your lead Levi - this one’s for sale even. Hope there’s a lot of Okies on SoundClick!

Ha ha ha!! That’s great Poppa!!
I haven’t heard a tune in a while thats made me laugh


Drums are cool too how you do that thing in the middle…

:laugh: Ok Ok so you don't love Texas that much. It's ok!
Keep workin on it, it was soundin great untill you pooped out on it. You love the shape of it don't you? How about the thrid cost?
Or all the polite women? Forgot about all those sweet smilin ladies have ya?
:laugh: I think it's an absolute Okey classic.
Texas invades our valley every summer and during the holidays. This is second home paradise for Texas, and of course they treat the locals like crap. So there's the back story. When I found out I had cancer and I lost my business due to it (a Texaco Convenience store - noted irony there) the one bright spot was when I realized I would never have to kiss another Texan's ass - ever - EVAR.
Oh well - next week WYOMING!

Hel have the people in Colorado are from texas :laugh:

:laugh: Nice going Poppa. Sure to get the 'ole Texicans going. Love it!
Next State?

How do you get to hear the whole song? I only get 20 seconds. (It’s a good 20 seconds) There is sometimes a ‘Full’ button, but I didn’t see it on the link.
For sale only?

Try this seven

It’s back to editing it today - I think I can make the joke of nothing to sing a bit more effective. Some have mistakenly thought I just gave up on a good song, but the twist is there is nothing for me to sing about. Reminds me of a lesson I got from Bob McDill. “If you need a 3 page resume to present a 3 minute song you’re wasting my time.” I’ll get it.

:laugh: Let me clarify; "Half the people that live in Colorado, are from Texas"!lol

“Half the people in Texas wish they were in Colorado. The other half don’t know where they are.” How’s that?

Got it, now for the taste test.

BTW - I really liked Yadda Yadda, but was wait’n to C
what BG does with it. Are you gonna share that when it’s done?

Oh sure seven I will, thanks. Been holding off pitching it to be able to put my best foot forward sort’o speak.

Dang… I stumble into a feud or something?

I’m gonna give the tune a listen at home PW. One thing I will say… I haven’t lost anything in Texas that I would go back for… :laugh: Of course, I’ve only been around the Dallas/Ft Worth area. There may be some nice spots out there. Be tough to beat Nawth Alabammy though…


Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Dec. 11 2008, 3:15 PM)

"Half the people in Texas wish they were in Colorado. The other half don't know where they are." How's that?

LOL not a chance.
I see real bitterness there pw. Besides your feelings pro or con towards texas. I liked the guitar work, the voice. Rename it colorado and finish it. I know it's all just a big put down but what a wast of some cool chops.

I’m far from bitter - try not to take it so serious. I have more than enough talent to waste… :cool:

here’s the new edited version

ha! i just put his song on. funny! since i have mixed reviews of my five years there, i can laugh either way, even though my firstborn is a texan. we have had the same thing here in oregon with californians invading for the last 30 years, but even then my grandparents/parents were part of that migration, so i’m just a screwed up mutt. i think everyone’s just screwed up a little more.

Great name for a band “Screwed Up Mutts” funny.

That is so funny! Brilliant, I got the joke before I saw the post, from the SC version I got a big laugh out of it. I’m going to point some friends of mine to it. I like the big finish in your revised version.

Sorry Poppa about the jerks who go up to CO, you see, it’s the money types that can afford a plane ticket that make it that far away, for me Texas is more about some blue collar types at a BBQ pit and little ol’ ladies in a pecan pie contest.

So I can take a joke - loved the tune!

S’cuse me chaps, but I’m English you know…

Would a fellow be kind enough to enlighten me as to what ‘chops’ means old bean?