midi controller needed

with volume pedal, and play/stop buttons

hi folks

does anyone have experience of using a midi controller to play/stop their multitrack recorder? im looking to get something that would do this job but im not sure what im looking for.

i use ntrack, ableton and reason, and my emu 1616m has two midi inputs. electric drums goes in one, basic midi keyboard goes in two. i want something that will go between the keyboard and midi input two, that has a volume/expression pedal on it, and two buttons/perferably foot-switches, that can control all three of those programs play and stop functions (and maybe rewind?)

when recording on my own it would be so handy to have those stop/rewind for doing multiple takes without having to touch the computer again.

i need the expression pedal to work when inputting notes from the keyboard in realtime (for programing string parts, for example)

can any recommend or give any insight?

many thanks

Maybe this is what you want?

Behringer makes a lot of different stuff indeed… - I’m thinking of investing in one of these pedal thingies myself. Imagine what you could do with ten freely programmable midi pedal switches and two equally freely assignable volume/expression pedals. Oh, I feel the great, white GAS a-comin’… :D

regards, Nils

download the manual first - this Berry is not PLUG N PLAY -


Dr J

what does that mean, that its not plug n play??

thanks for the replies :o)


it means you have to program it before it will do what you want and you have to program N to accept (if it can) what you program it to do - ie. no presets specially geared to N -

i like this unit very much i was going to buy one myself to go with my VAmp 2 rack unit where it would be better suited than trying to control N - also many of the MIDI codes any Behringer outputs (which are correct) are not recognised correctly (if at all) by N -

Dr J

I’m looking for pretty much the same thing. Actually a USB pedal would be best. I’m looking to start using n-track in a live situation. It would be great to switch between different backing tracks or loops with a foot switch.

Does N-track have macros that you can program?