midi cross-talk?

Is it just me?

I’m only trying to pop down a drum, bass and doodle track with midi and plugs so that I can get on with tracking with organic instruments! But?! Every time (even though, I’ve assighned each track individual channels), new takes are recording into previious takes?

Any advice would be welcome:-)

Hi TonyR:

I think you have to mute the track you just recorded…
in the n-Track mixer…
However, it might be in the sound card’s mixer… One of the two…
still be able to monitor the tracks so as to hear them to play to…

It’s been so long sense I did any tracking…
I forget…
Anyway, someone will reply and set us all straight…

Yea just don’t want to re-record tracks you already got recorded… on a new track…


Cheers, dude!

So! If I mute previous tracks, I’ll still be able to monitor them while rcoreding new tracks and not get the crossing?

I’ve tried everything I can think of - but still getting new takes recording on top of previous one?

Dear people. Would one of you, please, shoot me? I don’t deserve to live. I sat up untill 4.30am trying to stop the ‘crossing’ as described above(thanks Bill). I was up again at 7.30am to give it another go.
Doh! The only thing I hadn’t tried was the ‘Don’t record’ button. I’m not worthy of n-T.
Unfortunately, one thing I did try, was to put the pc in the shower and take a chainsaw to it - or was that a dream? :laugh:

TR, I think we need a more complete description of what you are doing, and where it is going wrong. It reads as though you are creating midi tracks, using either the piano roll or an external controller (you don’t say), then attempting to add additional tracks (same instrument, or a different one?) and the events are being added to the existing tracks. Is this right? I’m pretty sure there is an easy fix for what you are doing, but we need a more complete understanding of what is going on…

'til later;
Tony W

"Everything is easy, if you know the trick…"

FILE - new (start with a clean sheet) -

rightclick in timeline - insert blank MIDI track -
click on the record button on left side of track - this arms the MIDI track for recording -

click record on the transport bar -

make recording -
click on record button (left of track) again to turn it off -

right click in track - add blank MIDI track - click on record button on left of track - make recording -

whichever MIDI track is armed for recording (RED DOT), then that is the track that will be recorded to - so you have to insert a new blank MIDI track everytime you want to make a new recording -


Sorry guys. My previous post, sort of explains, that I’ve sussed it out.
Wynot! Yes I’m using a controller.
M.R. Yes. The ‘Don’t record’ selection. It took me most of the night to realise.

I’m overjoyed now and I think I’m up and running.

Again, thanks guys.