MIDI Drum track timing

Timing gets off as track plays

Hello all,

I am trying to use nTrack to create drum tracks for original songs. I create my track just by setting events with my mouse. It’s pretty easy this way and sounds good enough. My problem is this, whe i play a track back it sounds great to begin with but as it plays the timing startst to get off. By “off” I mean the beat comes to quick or lags and it starts to sound like a crapy drummer. LOL… If I stop the song, either pause or restart it, the timing sounds correct again.
Seems like the problem starts about 10 - 12 measures into the playback, no matter where I start the playback from.

I have:
1. Intel 3.2GHz hyperthreading CPU with 800 MHz front side buss.
2. 500Mb of RAM
3. N-Videa audio/video card.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

In the preferences make sure you aren’t using the system timer in both the audio and midi tabs.

Also what are you using in the midi devices for playback?
If using the MS midi mapper that could cause problems with timing. Does your soundcard have a built in GM synth?
Otherwise try using a soundfont player liek SFZ or drum VSTi like RMF (both free)


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