Midi Drums - No Sound

I had to reinstall NTrack on a new PC. Picked up my project, no sounds for Midi Drum Tracks. I’m sure it’s got something to do with output routing, but for the life of me i’m struggling to find what might need changed to get sound.

I’d appreciate any suggestions. Midi tracks just aren’t my thing

If the track is using one of the n-Track builtin drum preset sounds, make sure that the sound is installed via the Add-on manager, which will open when in the instrument browser you select a preset that is not currently installed. The instrument browser appears clicking on the track’s output instrument box in the mixer.


Thanks Flavio, that appear in order, i can see the plugin is triggering the audio as per the piano roll, i’m sure it’s just something not routing correctly to output.

As this was a new install on a PC i’ve hit another couple of hurdles.
I’ve selected an audio output that comes up with a popup saying it cant work and i need to selecting another audio device, but i can’t because the pop-up keeps reappearing when i dismiss it. Is there a work around? I had to delete the config file to clear the error and start again as such.

Further, with the midi tracks that aren’t creating any sound, i thought i’d convert them to audio, which i cancelled as i decided not to do it, but it removed the audiotracks from the project and now i can’t get them back it seems. All help appreciated.

I’m not sure if I’m following, how did you exactly try to convert midi tracks to audio? Bouncing? Using the Undo command should bring you back to the previous state of the song. Or you could use the File → Manage song → “Restore song from snapshot” command to open a previous version of the song.
If an instrument track doesn’t play, try to change the instrument assigned to it from the Instrument browser, and then change it back to the original one. Also one thing you can try is to create a new blank instrument track, and then copy and paste the content of the track from the old to the new track, so that the new track will have the notes of the old track but the routing and settings will be the default ones.
If the problem persists please post some screenshots or a short video showing what’s happening and including the mixer view of the tracks so that it shows the routing settings.