MIDI Drums

Sequence Software for Creating MIDI Drum

Newbie here.

No Rah Rah Jargon. But what is the simplest and best (I know opinions differ) sequencer software for creating drum patterns for MIDI control?

I have a DR-880, and now a Motif Rack ES that I’m thinking can replace the DR if I can just sequence the drum parts.

The problem I’ve had is it’s a bear to create drum patters in the DR. So I’m looking for ease of user interface.

So the the “Piano Roll” method basically it?

And for all the Rah Rah people chiming in about how great Ntrack is, tell me why it’s a better Drum MIDI Sequencer than say Cubase SX or LE? Or is there another worth mentioning (for the money arguements aside)

Appreciate the help and honesty.

BTW, I bought Ntrack, but haven’t upgraded to version 4 yet.
I wasn’t impressed with version 3 for my needs.


I don’t think n-Track is a very handy midi-sequencer.
The piano roll is usable, but unpredictable to say the least.

For making drum parts, I’m totally into Rayzoon Jamstix lately.
But that is mainly because I’m lazy and I don’t really want to think of drum patterns myself: Jamstix conveniently does that for me.

If it’s mainly patterns you’re concerned with, wouldn’t a decent step sequencer (-plug-in) do the trick?

OK, I’m relaxin :wink:

I’m used to the DR-880 or AW16G forums jumping down your throat if you even hint that their product isn’t manna.

I’m ignorant of Step-Sequencing as a Plug-in.

Can you point me?

Also, can you use the Rayzoon Jamstick to MIDI out and control the midi drums of a DR-880 or Motif Rack ES’s sounds?


I’m used to the DR-880 or AW16G forums jumping down your throat if you even hint that their product isn’t manna.

There is some blind adoration here as well. Not too bad though. And mild criticism is even allowed now and then :;):

Re:Jamstix: JS is a VSTi plug-in, featuring audio and midi in- and outputs. You can use the internal sound engine, load a (sub-hosted) VSTi drum synth or use the MIDI out for external instruments.
Whether you can use all these options depends on the host program.
I don’t use n-Track with JS so I can’t really tell you if it allows for using the MIDI-out option.
RichLum is the expert member on these forums. Better ask him.

I use Plogue Bidule with JS and also for any pattern sequencing (it has a native stepseq module) or any unconventional MIDI/Audio manipulation for that matter.
You can use Bidule stand alone or as a plug-in (but you’ll have to buy the program to do that).
Bidule allows for sending MIDI anywhere you can imagine, so surely also to your drum boxes. :)

IMO the best programs for making drums tracks are pattern based. n-track falls down on this because it just has a piano roll.

I have an old copy (very old) of a Magix product which is great for doing midi drums. First up it allows you to switch to a drum view rather than piano view (so you are dealing with drum names rather than note names/numbers - Ok n-track does this too), but it allows you to create a patterns (eg a bar) and then organise them into a song. Other trackers can do this too I know but I’ve not played with many of them for sometime.

However, I pretty much use Fruity Loops now for all my drum work. Same principal as above but I can use samples instead of having to mess about with midi, soundfonts and external hardware. (I actually sampled my drum machine for some songs).

db9091 - you mention the DR880. I have one of those too. Where is the forum that you mention?