midi feature request

Hi, I’d enjoy a couple of extra options for midi routing so I
could use boomstick bass properly.

Here’s a bit out of the Broomstick bass manual regarding setting up to record the midi properly.

Create two MIDI tracks, named My input and
BB output. Set the My input tracks IN to
your MIDI controller, and its OUT to Broomstick
Bass. For the BB output track, set IN to
Broomstick Bass and OUT to Not connected.
Next set the BB output tracks MIDI channel to

In N-track I’d like to be able to set midi channel to ANY.
And also OUT to "Nothing"
The trick is also need to be able to configure different output mapping for different channels.

I can’t work it out properly using N-tracks Midi routing capability as is.


The “Any” setting should be equivalent to n-Track’s “none” setting for the MIDI channel. n-Track can’t disable a MIDI track output, but you might be able to obtain the same result setting the track’s velocity to -127. I’ll try to add the ‘output to nothing’ setting in the next version of the program.


You can install MIDIYOKE and assign the output to any midi-yoke channel, which will go nowhere by default.

The default input is “any device, any channel” (set in “record from”).

thanx for the feedback. I might try midiyoke in a while for sure
because being able to have different output ch per midi track could be useful. I’m still coming to terms with the way
N-tracks does it’s midi business so I’m just working thru it slowly.


What’s the difference in muting a MIDI track and sending it to nothing?

Hmm, good point – I think that would do the job, phoo. Lot easier than installing myoke if you don’t need it otherwise. (I use it a lot myself, with MIDIOX.)

One difference might be recording into tracks on a channel basis and thruing (echoing) on a different channel basis. Like recording MIDI channel 1 and 2 to two separate tracks, but having only MIDI channel 2 echo in real time, and maybe echo channels not recorded as well.

I’m having a really hard time figuring out what the BB instructions are trying to accomplish. Going to the BB website didn’t help because it doesn’t give enough info.


It seems to me (and I may be wrong)that what Sven is saying regarding BB is that BB is actually sending midi ch data over different channels.

I’ve tried a few things to get the automated parts to play record & back properly but no luck. I can get manual bass back ok, but the automated stuff, when ever I hit the variation keys, everything gets mangled.

Regarding N-track though, it seems that N-track offers
global midi output routing only and I would think it more robust to have independent output routing for each and every midi channel. … or do I mean to say independent multiple real time midi mapping/output assigns? … not sure!

BB wants one to record two tracks at the same time like you say Phoo, but it wants independent midi output settings for both, and options(different) for midi echo etc which are incompatible with what can be achieve with N-track at the same time.


MIDI Channels has nothing to do with routing in this sense, I don’t think. Channels are channels and there are 16 of them per input and output. It’s normal to have different tracks for each channel. That’s the way MIDI works. There is no need to more than one output or input unless you are using more than 16 channels. Multiple inputs and outputs requires a separate MIDI cable for each…one MIDI In and on MIDI Out is 16 channels.

Create two blank MIDI Track and check their properties. Make sure the “Record from” is set to the channel corresponding the channel sent from BB - one for notes and one for CC events (or however it works). Make sure the output of those tracks is set to the same MIDI channel.

The MIDI properties might be filtering events you need also. Check the MIDI preferences and select the filtering that you need. You may not want to filter volume and pan events, or program changes when recording.

There’s probably some other settings that can mess you up, too. :)

mmm, I’ve tried setting up the two channels and recording into them but it doesn’t work right. If you have done this and had success maybe you could send me a song file and I can see how to do it.

This is one question tho, can I record two midi tracks at the same time and have different output midie echo mapping to each of them? I think the answer is no…But I may well be wrong.

Are you sure you set “Record From” to the specific MIDI channels? That’s worked for me in the past (to record multiple tracks, one for each MIDI channel). Haven’t tried it lately, but when I did I had about 5 or 6 tracks. No problem.

I’m capable of recording two or more midi channels but I am not so clear on how to do so in a manner which satisfies Broomstick bass vsti!

Anyway, I’ll try it again but may have to admit defeat and
go yellow for basses. Or something.