MIDI file record into a wavfile with 2 soundcards

I can’t use n-track if I don’t solvethis

I have an old ad1815/6 soundcard with a ROLAND mpu401 over,
then I have a creative sound blaster PCI.
I need to record a MIDI file that I read with the ad1815 (with roland)
into the sound blaster card, so I’ve put the LINE out of the ad1815
into the LINE IN of the soundblaster and then I have record
the song, all works good, I have a track with the MIDI file in
wave format recorded but the problem is that
the MIDI file that I have recorded with the sound blaster has
an incorrect tuning so I can’t play the guitar over this file.
I can’t use the line IN of the ad1815/6 because it doesn’t work
who can help me?
Sorry for my bad english

I have solved my problem :)
I will ask you other thing in the next days…
see you soon