Midi Frustration!!!!!!!


Please help me with my sanity. I’m about to lose it. :p Midi works fine on the way in. I can record, and see the data in N-track and everything looks good. Outbound? That’s a different story. So far, I’ve recorded 3 midi tracks, all fine, but the second I get to midi data in the song, I get a midi dump–the whole set of midi data just as fast as the computer can spit it out. The drum machine says “Buffers Full”. Duh. I’ve rebooted, changed out all cords, changed out midi controllers, verified routing paths and finally simplified, to where I have a known good cord in and out just to the drum machine. Recording still works, playback still doesn’t.

The only thing I can’t figure out is how N-track wants to see it. I’ve tried the system timer and wave timer (knowing that it’s supposed to be on Wave) and verified that my Emu 0404 is the selected driver.

Then I got busy in the MTC/Midi Clock side. Made sure that the good ol’ Emu 0404 was the device of choice in both inbound and outbound clock settings.

Here’s the funny thing. Just selecting a note in the piano roll is enough to trip the midi dump. Doesn’t matter if it’s in the data, or just on the keyboard on the left hand side of the screen. I still get the slam of data and buffer overflow.

BTW, Audio works fine, and in case it’s not on my sig, I’m running a dell 2.4ghz, 512mb ram Windows XP Pro, newly formatted, SP2, with the 1.71 driver for the Emu 0404.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Well, ####. Ain’t it always this way? Just as I’m about to post this, I go and trip the “No echo” button and the problem goes away…

Now, all I gotta do is figure out which bit I didn’t put back the way I first had it.

Well, thanks for listening.

I feel your pain dude. MIDI echo and Sysex dumps (espacially if like me, you have no idea what they are for YET…) can drive a man to drinking!


EDITED a few typos (Monday morning post…argh)

MIDI echo ON requires MIDI Thru tuned OFF in the external MIDI device…out there somewhere…to prevent a MIDI feedback loop if the divice out there is a single device that has both IN and OUT/THRU ports plugged into the computer. Disabling MIDI Thru in the “out there” devices will prevent MIDI feedback as will turing off MIDI Echo in n-Tracks.

If there are a few MIDI devices in series turn MIDI Thru off for only the last in the chain – the one sending to MIDI In on the computer. Of course, you’ll need MIDI Thru turned on in all of these devices if they are sending data that n-Tracks is recording. If that’s the case then turning off the MIDI Echo function is the right thing to do. Th idea is to break the loop somewhere-anywhere.